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References to Sartori Sartori in the Terms and Condtions below are references to ‘Sartori Sartori’; a brand owned by and trading under Royal Fashion Trading LLC.

This legal statement contains the terms and conditions that regulate (a) this site and (b) the newsletter provided by Sartori Sartori.

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Do not use any pages of the site if you do not accept and agree to these terms and conditions. The site is available only for your personal use, which shall be limited to viewing the site, providing information on the site, downloading product information for your personal review, purchasing products and receiving the latest updates from Sartori Sartori. Sartori Sartori is not responsible for any improper use of data and contests of the site due to third parties. The visitor of our site or the subscriber to our newsletter is responsible only in the case that incorrect information is given to the site or third parties, and/or if unjustly usage of data occurs. Any usage of data by third parties in any manner contrary to applicable law or governmental regulation is beyond Sartori Sartori’s control and, consequently, Sartori Sartori is not prosecutable.

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