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The List

'THE LIST' is an integral part of our brand concept and vision. Its name was born from the noun;

Sar·to·ri·al·ist - (sär-tôr - l, -t r -) adj.; a person who practices or is interested in Sartorialism.

‘The List’ is an exclusive platform created to offer select emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional environment, for free. Applications from a variety of genres, including but not limited to; Art, Fashion design, graphic design, photography or textile / surface design work in collaboration with Sartori Sartori to create a unique, innovative and conceptual seasonal collection, ensuring our ranges are always absolute for our wonderful clients.

To be considered as a collaborating artist and featured on ‘The List’ click here to submit your application.

Solo Por La Noche

Collaborating Artist; James Harris

Contribution; British designer James Harris is a womanswear designer and fashion stylist who has recently moved from London to Dubai. After a chance meeting we soon discovered the 'James Harris' creative design style was very similar to that of Sartori Sartori and quickly teamed up to produce the 'Solo Por La Noche' Collection as a collaboration.

Designer Bio; Famed for his unique sharp tailored cutting, contrasting fabrics and luxurious embellishment his collections have always been controversial with dark themes and unusual concepts. After graduating with honors from London’s Central Saint Martins College af Art & Design his graduation collection caught the eye of Louis Vuitton’s Peter Copping. James opted to continue his training with friend and mentor ‘Lee’ Alexander McQueen, before going on to work for names such as Boudicca, Hussien Chalayan, and the avantegarde Polish designer Arkadius. James led the design team at Arkadius showing collections at London and New York fashion weeks. It was through Arkadius James met shoe designer Jimmy Choo and the late Isabella Blow.

James went on to launch James Harris as a label showing small conceptual collections at London Fashion Week. His collections drew critical acclaim and press attention and his debut collection ‘Swimming with Sharks’ was sponsored by the London Hilton Park Lane and ‘OK’ magazine.

He is currently setting up the James Harris label in Dubai and looking to show his own solo collection in 2013.


Serenity in Renaissance

Collaborating Artist; Jenny Hardcastle                                                    

Contribution; British designer Jenny Hardcastle is the owner of her individualistic brand of draped and sculpted evening wear. Jenny has created a capsule range of three bespoke styles for the ‘serenity in Renaissance’ collection.

Brand Bio; A beautiful women’s eveningwear collection evolved from over 8 years of practising the art of draping and three-dimensional cutting.
Like the sculptures of Ancient Greece the material that is used lends itself to the work. The collection is crafted with skin-skimming jersey that’s folds and gathers to create soft fluid curves, gentle volume and dramatic drapes.
These feminine silhouettes evoke thoughts of Grecian romance and 1930’s elegance, which combine to create shapes that will last forever and become what can only be described as…………..Timeless.
Designer Bio: Her career in fashion started when she was 16 years old working part-time for a couture bridal designer/maker while studying. She completed a degree in Fashion Design, worked for two British labels and won a European competition before launching her own label.
More than a designer and a dressmaker………………Jenny Hardcastle is a sculptor of fabric.


Serenity in Renaissance

Collaborating Artist; Trudi Sissons

Contribution; Trudi Sissons is the owner of ‘Two Dresses Studio’, Canada. Trudi contributed exclusive surface design prints for the ‘Serenity in Renaissance’ collection. Her artwork comprises of one all over print, two placement prints and a bespoke design for the seasons swing tags.

Designer Bio; Trudi Sissons is a mixed-media artist/illustrator and amateur photographer living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.  Her current interests include textural applications in surface design utilizing her digital illustrations.  One day Trudi hopes to live in a glass cottage/art studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean on Canada’s western coastline with her life partner, her super-dog and two dresses (just in case one gets dirty). Her work has been featured in Somerset Apprentice, Digital Studios and Art Blogger as well as several on-line publications. “Image Credits:  Hollywood Studios, Tumble Fish Studio and Fine crafted Designs – from Deviant Scrap.

Contact; or

Serenity in Renaissance & Victoriana

Collaborating Artist; Sohail Anjum

Contribution; Sohail Anjum is a freelance photographer from London, UK. Sohail has collaborated with Sartori Sartori on two occassions; He first hosted the Serenity in Renaissance photoshoot and was then our official photographer for the Victoriana fashion show in December 2011.

Photographers Bio; Born and bred in London, Sohail Anjum has risen to become one of the leading Asian photographers in the UK. Having taken photographs of all the major South Asian celebrities his highly creative work oozes style and lots of class. Currently working as freelance photographer after a five year stint as the Picture Editor of UK's leading South Asian newspaper, Eastern Eye and an eight year stint as editorial photographer for Asiana Magazine. It is astonishing to realise that he in fact taught the technically complex craft to himself over a glittering fifteen year period.

Contact Info:
Tel:    +44 7976 234 885    Skype:   sohail.anjum72

Sublime Oppulence

Collaborating Artist; James Gibson

Contribution; James Graham is an Artist and Graphic designer from Manchester, UK. James created four unique prints for the Sublime Opulence collection. The prints reflect the mood of the collection by combining contemporary art with Victorian damask inspired prints.


Tel: +447532 340274       Email; or


Sartorialist; Deborah Simcox


In early 2009 British avant-garde fashion designer Deborah Anne Simcox launched Sartori Sartori in the UAE.

Deborah is creative director for Sartori Sartori and has a unique design aesthetic which combines structural and fluid 3D forms through a technique called Moulage. This practice involves physically molding and sculpting fabric onto the mannequin to generate un-usual 3D shapes which are then used to realize her signature theatrical design style. In addition to design Deborah contributes graphic textile prints and patterns for the collections, e.g. the ‘Moth Print’ for ‘Solo Por La Noche’ was created by Deborah. Previous work experience includes Thomas Burberry design studio London, DKNY Manchester and The Limited in NYC. Deborah launched her career by winning a place to show at the Spring 2009 Dubai Fashion Week and has gone on to create and showcase seven Women’s Wear collection’s and is set to launch the Sartori Sartori Men’s Shirt Shop in January 2013.


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